7 Ideas To Keep Dinner Interesting

Because it is the last meal of the day, dinner can easily become a victim of repetitive entrees and side dishes. As a result many of us are stuck in a rut, preparing dishes of meat and potatoes and/or fish with white rice. If you are bored with preparing the same meals week after week for supper then here are seven ideas to keep dinner fun, and in many cases exciting.


Why not try a new recipe? Photo Goodluz-canstockphoto


1) Try New Recipes Why not try a new recipe?

They are so easy to find. Simply scan the cookbook shelve in a bookstore or browse the infinite number of online food resources. You’ll never know if you don’t like something if you never try it. New recipes add excitement and new flavours add spice and awaken taste buds.

2) Try New Ingredients

Sometimes you can transform an old favourite by simply substituting the ingredients you normally use. There are probably are many spices, meats, vegetables, fruits, sauces and other ingredients that you have not tried. For instance do your currently eat cilantro, rose petals, Adobo, hummus, and/or oyster sauce? The use of new ingredients is a great chance to explore other cooking methods and introduce different tastes to your meals.

3) Theme Night of the Week

Theme nights create a welcomed break from the norm and will spice up the suppertime you have grown accustomed to. Select a day of the week and set it aside for a particular theme such as “Dinner and a Movie.” You can also use theme night to introduce your family to different foods and cultures. A theme night feast could focus on Italian foods (pizza, cannoli, lasagna); Asian (spring rolls, chicken stir fry, fortune cookies); Middle Eastern (pita sandwiches, falafel); or French (croissant sandwiches, quiche, crepes).

4) Breakfast Food At Night

Another way to spice up the taste buds is serving breakfast at dinnertime! There is nothing wrong with setting a hot stack of pancakes on the table for the last meal of the day. Omelettes, waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon, all make great selections for supper.

5) Fun Presentation Ideas

Perhaps your suppers are crowd pleasers, but you want to step up the level of their enjoyment. By changing a meal’s presentation you can get people talking about it. One attention-grabbing idea is to include fruit and vegetable carvings, where tomatoes, radishes, apples, oranges, melons become works of art.

6) Decoration, Decoration, Decoration

Decorating the dining room table is a great way to boost the level of suppertime delight. Include in your décor colorful napkins, inviting candles, fun silverware choices, decorative tablecloths, new cups and glasses, beautiful spreads of flowers or plants.

7) Change The Scenery

You can rid boredom by doing the unexpected. Change the monotonous dining room ambience: have a picnic, eat on the patio or plan a laidback feast to enjoy in the family room. Why not hold an outdoor Hawaiian luau, where the backyard is transformed into an island paradise with roasted pineapple, grilled food, and leis? Nothing shakes up a supper like change at dinnertime

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